April Faves

I often find myself loving the little things that add enjoyment and ease to my day and thinking how much you might love them too. So here are the little things that I've been jazzing on this past month. See them, read them, try them, let me know what you think!

Wildfire Yoga

One of my absolute fave bloggers and fitness experts Neghar Fonooni has just released a bite-size yoga program for busy people. Each video is about 10 minutes, perfect when you know you need to move, but just can't get going. The worst part of anything is getting started. But you know you can do anything for 10 minutes, so having these quickies in your back pocket lowers the mental barrier to getting on your mat.

Each day comes with a "purpose word" to focus on during your practice and throughout your day, adding a little extra goodness.



On Valentines Day we went to a Turkish restaurant and since then I've fallen head over heels for Turkish Delight and everything rose! My hand cream by Thank You, this gorgeous vegan chocolate by Loving Earth, I've even switched my body wash to a rose scented one so my showers smell like Mediterranean candy.


Insight Timer App

You can do anything for 10 minutes, right?  10 minutes a day makes all the difference. There's a teacher and mediation style for everyone. If you're not into the guided stuff and just want ambient sound, or even silence, the app has got you covered with a timer.


Meditations from the mat

"Santosha is the practice of being still with faith, with an open heart and an open mind. We have an opportunity to do this in the postures we like and the postures that we don't like."

Author Rolf Gates is a prominent yoga teacher in Massachusetts, USA, but hasn't always been. His past military career, experience with addiction and personal loss, and working in the social work field all inform his interpretation of the eight limbs of yoga. 

Broken up into mini essays, his writing offers profound thoughts in digestible portions, perfect for starting off the day thoughtfully!



This sparkling drink is refreshing, sugar free, and excellent for keeping  the bowels regular. The unfortunate combination of my genetics and a relatively high-protein diet means that I often struggle to have a satisfying poo. (Too much information?). 

The enzymes and probiotics in kombucha help with digestion and do a great job of flushing things out, keeping things nice and regular!

I personally love this brand, Remedy. Some kombucha brands can taste overly vinegary and others are a bit bland. This one is juuuuuust right! Try the raspberry flavour!